Training plans

Hi, happy to see you here and I hope that I will be able to help you :-)

My coaching philosophy is athlete centered and based on scientific training methods. It will focus on progression, consistency and attainable goal setting. I believe many athletic elements need to be addressed in order to improve the athlete's performance and health in both the long term and near future.

I offer coaching services for cycling disciplines including Road, Time Trial, XCO and XCM. I utilize Power and Heart rate sensor data in addition to verbal feedback to prescribe individualized training programs. I coach cyclists of all levels, I prefer using the "training peaks" app, but can also manage the information about the training that was and will be using a shared excel file on the "google drive".

I believe that any athelete with a good cycling training plan, combined with a strength training program and a healthy lifestyle, will be able to achive his goals.
During our work together I will maximize your capabilities in each of the parameters above, they are very important. It is very difficult to improve in sports if you underestimate any one of them. I will be there to help you reach a high level in every step of the way and improve each of the athletic components required for the riding style that you choose to focus on.

Whether you are a beginner entering your first sportive, a kid who wants to grow up to be a pro rider or an elite rider that wants to compete at international events, I coach athletes of all ages and levels to perform well throughout the season and especially in their peak event.

If you are keen to work together with me to reach your goals, book a consultation and find out how you can get ready for your peak event both physically and mentally!